Test employees’ awareness against phishing

Phishing is a big problem for both private individuals and companies. Ignorance combined with the effectiveness of the method has made phishing the fastest growing type of cyber fraud method. Most often, the phishing attack is carried out with the aim of infecting the target with malicious code, such as a dropper/downloader that the attackers can use to install ransomware, try to retrieve information or escalate permissions. Our phishing test tests the preparedness of your colleagues and what they are prepared to reveal in the event of a real attack.

Clear evidence of the company’s resistance to phishing • Different types of designs on the test • Report on completion of the phishing test

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Long experience with phishing tests

We have delivered phishing tests to both large and slightly smaller organizations and know what is required to reduce the risks associated with phishing. What is important to know is that good protection can only be achieved by involving both the IT department and the employees. The goal should be to test the employees and eventually increase awareness there, and during the test at the same time observe the IT department’s handling of the attack. This is done to ensure that processes and routines exist and work when the real attack comes. The IT department is critical to protecting the organization. They are the ultimate protection.

Targeted attacks

Most people know that it is unsafe to open attachments that come from unknown sources. But what if the attachment appears to come from a manager or colleague – are your employees prepared for a targeted phishing attack specifically against your company? In the case of a targeted phishing attack, it looks as if the email comes from a colleague at the company, which reduces suspicion. We can offer a plan where we design a completely unique test that fits your conditions and wishes.

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This is how we test your organization

  1. We use an existing or create a new fictitious website that we control and can collect data from. We then fill the website with content.
  2. We will send an offer by email to the staff with a link to the website. Alternatively, we ask the recipient to download a file.
  3. We collect data and monitor who opens, clicks on the link in the email and lands on the page. When the campaign is finished, we send a report. You can use the report to evaluate the company’s preparedness and knowledge needs.

Six advantages of our phishing test

Measures the degree of vulnerability

We produce data on how well your staff is prepared for a phishing attack

Assesses risk levels

The results can be used as a basis for skills-enhancing training

Increases employee awareness

Helps staff become aware of phishing

Changes future behaviors

Employee awareness increases after a phishing test

Increases protection for valuable data

Leads to a large extent to a more critical behavior which increases security

Meets compliance requirements

Increases information security, which is a requirement in GDPR/NIS

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