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Cyber attacks are increasing. It’s not just in numbers but also how advanced and how much damage they do. To meet tomorrow’s needs, organizations need to get better at working with cyber security. From our security center, we can help you meet the demands placed on you as a person in charge and your organization.


Secify Iberca’s security monitoring office

Increases security in your organization

Our security center consists of security analysts, technicians and penetration testers who work together with advanced solutions for organizations that require increased traceability and the ability to manage security threats in real time. Based on our security center, we can also offer red team exercises and larger penetration tests.

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Secify supports us in data protection issues and in our work with Data Privacy. In a trustworthy manner and with broad competence, Secify has contributed to our delivery.

Robert Ekvall, IT Security & Company Integration Lead

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In our SOC service, we currently have three different services that help you increase security.


Our SIEM solution (Security Information and Event Management) provides an overall picture of what data passes through the network. By retrieving and analyzing logs from devices, we can, among other things, identify deviant patterns and reveal external and internal threats and errors in the organization’s systems.

  • Monitors the entire network
  • Alarms in case of suspicious activity


Our security monitoring with EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) monitors and collects data from the network’s critical endpoints such as mobile phones, computers and connected devices. In the event of suspicious activity that complies with set rules, our EDR service alerts.

  • Finds and neutralizes malicious code on your organization’s devices
  • Alerts about suspicious activity


Our red team exercise tests all or parts of the organization’s defenses and management processes during a cyber attack. The organization is attacked by our penetration testers, whose task is to find and counter the attack in real time. The redteam exercise can be combined with our Cyber war game service to simultaneously simulate the handling of the attack by the leading echelons. The goal of the exercise is to increase employees’ insights, prepare and develop the company’s cyber defenses.


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