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The Secify Group consists of Secify by Sweden AB, Secify Iberica, and Safestate AB. What unites our companies is that they all operate within the fields of information security, cybersecurity, IT security, or IT law. The Secify Group is located at the same address as Secify’s headquarters (Borgmästargränd 1D, Jönköping). You can read more about the group’s three subsidiaries below.


Secify is the group’s oldest subsidiary, offering technical, legal, and organizational services in the field of information security to small, medium-sized, and large companies.

Secify is a fully Swedish company with its headquarters in Jönköping and an office in Stockholm. The company was founded in 2016 and has since developed to offer organizational security services, such as working with management systems for information security certification and providing security support (external CISO) to organizations. Secify has approximately 30 employees working throughout Sweden.


Secify Iberica

At Iberica, 20 employees work on various services, including technical security, security monitoring, and system development.

Secify Iberica is a Spanish company based in Murcia, Spain. We acquired the company in early 2020 when it was called Southbridge, but after the acquisition, it was renamed Secify Iberica.


Safestate AB is a Swedish SaaS company that offers smart and automated security tools through the Safestate platform.

The service was developed by Secify Group and launched in 2021. The platform includes security tests such as vulnerability scanning and phishing tests, as well as monitoring for leaked passwords, among other features. More information can be found at


Company Structure

We are a part of Framtiden

Secify is part of a larger corporate group with Framtiden Gruppen i Sverige AB as the parent company. Framtiden was founded in 2004 in Jönköping and today has around 200 employees.

Company Structure

Companies under Framtiden Group

The corporate group consists of several companies operating in various industries. Here are some of the companies that are part of Framtiden Gruppen i Sverige AB


The company was founded in 2011 and offers recruitment and staffing services in the field of finance.


Framtiden was founded in 2004 and provides staffing and recruitment services to both large and small companies.