About Secify

About Secify

We provide advice and support to your company.

Society is changing. New technological solutions and innovative services are opening up digital opportunities for organizations and people. Communication in the digital landscape has never been as open and easy as it is now. However, with openness comes risks and vulnerabilities.

We are here to support you in securing your organization’s digital solutions and information assets, so you can focus on your services and feel confident that your information is being handled securely.

We who work here come from various backgrounds, both in terms of work and education. Some of us have worked with information security for around 20 years and have been security cleared by the Security Service. Others are just beginning their journey. What unites us all is our drive to secure organizations and contribute to a safer world.

Our Services

We work in three areas

We approach information security from a holistic perspective, addressing security issues with organizational, technical, and legal services that together form the foundation for securing an organization’s operations and compliance.

Information security

We work with organizational information security, helping organizations to structure their security. Within information security, we offer advisory services and project management in information security management systems, risk analysis, and compliance efforts related to the NIS2 directive.


Within cybersecurity, we offer more technical services. Here we can provide penetration testing, phishing testing, and security monitoring.

Data protection

We offer various legal services in data protection, such as GDPR advisory and external Data Protection Officer (DPO) services. In this area, we also provide smaller GDPR-related services, such as cookie reviews.


Our Foundation

Our Vision

To use our collective strength to defend information and privacy. We protect the good.

Our Core Values

In 2023, all employees at Secify voted on our new core values, which are:


Our team includes our colleagues, our customers, and all their colleagues. We stand together.


To be truly skilled at something, you must be able to balance work at the right level at the right time.


We only work with brave people and organizations who dare to develop, challenge, and change.


We spend a third of our lives at work, and we are determined to have fun while doing it.

Our Manifesto

Secify is a niche information security company with a unique culture. By standing out from the crowd, we attract really good people with great social skills, sharp competence, and strong values.
Our culture is built on joy, freedom with responsibility, great opportunities for influence, and a sense that anything is possible within the role, but also in going beyond boundaries and creating something new.

We assume that if we choose each other as colleagues, it is a long-term commitment. We want to break the industry trend of frequently changing employers and instead be an important part of a unique journey.

To truly live and breathe this idea, we commit to being honest, ambitious, and motivating – with us, you should want to grow.

It is around the idea of personal development that we build our entire value and success as a company and for a colleague, and this leads to us developing faster and more extensively than our competitors. With us, everyone can and should contribute to developing new services and the company, and we should not be afraid to push the boundaries of what we can achieve in our pursuit of finding new ways to succeed.

We are a brave company that takes the time and energy to deliver more than just information security solutions to our customers. We look forward, are creative, have a holistic approach, and see human behavior as fundamental in information security work.
We do not just provide a solution to a specific need but strive to understand the individual and their organization’s entire needs and problem picture.

This approach should lead us to make an impact in the industry regarding achieving security while also strengthening our brand.

We aim to truly understand the customer’s needs and get them to understand that we are doing this together. We will meet the customer at their level and involve the right people. We take care of our customers in a warm and human way.

We know that not all customers and candidates will fit in, and therefore we make it our art to choose who we collaborate with so that we get optimal conditions together.
We will be a personal company with a really good culture; with us, everyone should know their colleagues by first name, which means there are limits to how large we can grow.

We have our headquarters in Jönköping and offices in Stockholm, Halmstad, Växjö, and Spain.

Jönköping (huvudkontor):
Östra Storgatan 28c, 553 21 Jönköping

Warfvinges väg 45, 112 51

Tre Hjärtans väg 2, 302 41

Storgatan 82A, 352 27

Avenida ciclista Mariano Rojas 76, 4ª Planta, Murcia, 30009

Part of Framtiden Group

Secify is part of the Framtiden Group, which was founded in 2004 in Jönköping.
You can read more about the organization here.