CISO as a Service

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– External information security consultant for your organization

CISO as a Service is a consulting service where we place an external security manager in your organization whose primary task is to increase security in a cost-effective way. Increasing security means that the CISO works to ensure secure handling of information and information assets in the organization to minimize risks.

Increases information security • Support when the organization needs it • Broad competence

CISO as a Service

Security has never been more important than now. The digital transformation and the transition to a more modern and open way of working has led to new innovative opportunities, solutions and services. With that transformation, the need for digital security has also increased. Business managers and decision makers demand higher security but also an increased understanding of the threats and risks that can affect the organization.

The CISO role can include many different parts of the security work with a broad underlying spectrum of tasks. This can include providing support in planning processes, implementing information security programs, working with incident management and developing frameworks, policies and routines for organizations.

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Secify supports us in data protection issues and in our work with Data Privacy. In a trustworthy manner and with broad competence, Secify has contributed to our delivery.

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External CISO – great opportunities

The service is completely adapted depending on the organization’s size, conditions, level of maturity, risk profile and resources. Most often, the consultant runs his own security-enhancing projects and works closely with the IT manager. One of the advantages of hiring an external security manager with us is that the person always collaborates and receives support from other specialists at Secify. This means we always have an answer, regardless of whether the question covers the security manager’s primary area. We have specialists who work in IT-law, information security and IT security.

Benefits of an external security advisor

  • Flexible and adjusted to your needs
    We can adapt to your company’s unique situation and risk profile with a solution that fits your needs and resources.
  • No time lost on recruitment
    When you hire us, we handpick a consultant who best suits your needs. You don’t need to spend time or resources on costly recruitment.

  • There when needed
    If you are faced with a major, transformational project, a CISO can assist the organization and contribute with significant knowledge, which in turn leads to a more efficient and safer transformation.

  • Broad competence in a market with a high skills shortage
    A CISO requires many skills and broad knowledge. Our consultants always exchange knowledge with each other. If you have a complicated question, or a complex problem that we identify, we have several consultants who can contribute with specialist expertise in their fields.


Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about external CISOs. Do you have a question that isn’t listed already? Use the contact form further down the page.

What is a CISO?2022-09-22T09:56:31+02:00

A CISO (our service) is a security advisor who can help fill functions within the organization where it is needed at the moment. It can be about short-term support to the CTO/CIO for smaller projects, but also as a long-term skills solution that aims to reduce the burden on other staff.

When do you need a CISO?2022-09-22T09:56:31+02:00

An organization can benefit from a CISO in many different situations, for example during temporary work, special projects or to alleviate the workload.

What standards do you work based on?2022-09-22T09:56:31+02:00

We work based on ISO 27001 but can also support organizations that are certified within NIST CSF.

What is included in the CISO service?2022-09-22T09:56:31+02:00

All information security-related work is included in the service. You get a security-savvy advisor who can go into various IT projects in your organization and assist with knowledge.

How much time do we need to invest internally?2022-09-22T09:56:32+02:00

The largest part of the investment takes place in the introduction, after which the CISO advisor must be able to manage the projects to a large extent by themselves, or together with his contact person depending on the arrangement.

What are the first steps?2022-09-22T09:56:32+02:00

It largely depends on the role our CISO will have in your organization. If there is no IT manager or security manager, the CISO advisor produces a current situation analysis.

What happens if the CISO advisor gets sick?2022-09-22T09:56:32+02:00

We always have alternative back-up resources available in the event that the CISO advisor becomes ill or absent from work.

How does the CISO operate in practice?2022-09-22T09:56:32+02:00

Yes, our CISO advisors can make contact with customers and suppliers.

How does the CISO operate in practice?2022-09-22T09:56:32+02:00

It largely depends on the place our CISO will have in your organization. If your organization lacks an IT or security manager, the CISO advisor will primarily fill that role, e.t.c.

Can we hire your CISO for a temporary position?2022-09-22T09:56:32+02:00

Yes, our CISOs can be hired as a substitute in your projects.

In which areas of responsibility can your CISOs work?2022-09-22T09:56:33+02:00

Our CISO advisors can in essence fulfill all areas of responsibility within IT security and information security.

What are the upsides of hiring a CISO?2022-09-22T09:56:33+02:00

There are many advantages to hiring an external CISO. Among other things, you avoid investing resources and energy on a recruitment process. Our colleagues who work externally also have the right knowledge and prerequisites to support your organization. If there are questions that our external CISO does not have the answer to, the probability is high that other staff here will. We also have many IT lawyers working with data protection who can answer complex legal questions.

What are the downsides of hiring a CISO?2022-09-22T09:56:33+02:00

A disadvantage could be that an external CISO can sometimes become a temporary solution to a permanent problem.

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