A risk and vulnerability analysis identifies risks and develops measures to strengthen protection

Society is changing. New technical solutions, innovative services, tensions in the outside world and our way of doing business pave the way towards an increasingly changing world. In step with this societal development, the risks and vulnerabilities that exist within organizations and companies also shift. With today’s requirements for information security regulated in a number of new regulations, a large part of the focus should be on how we build, interact and rely on digital environments.

Discovers vulnerabilities in different environments • Meets legal requirements for risk analysis • Increases information security

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Our risk analysis and vulnerability analysis identify the risks facing the organization while assessing the existing protection against those risks to find any vulnerabilities that could lead to adverse events occurring. In a project, we can analyze one or more geographical areas, several different systems and the way the organization works. It creates a clear picture of which risks are relevant and where the vulnerabilities are and how they should be addressed.

When we do a risk and vulnerability analysis where one or more data environments are included, we use our vulnerability scanning tool to identify external vulnerabilities, among other things. If the data systems are in focus and a central part of the work, we can also carry out penetration tests to get a more detailed and reality-based result. We have security-tested personnel with extensive experience from various security agencies and can analyze projects at organizational level where both systems, physical environments and personnel are included.

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Secify supports us in data protection issues and in our work with Data Privacy. Secify has contributed to our delivery in a trustworthy manner and with broad competence.

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Examples of parts to analyze:

Physical environment

  • Sensitivity around entry and exit at the entrance
  • Inspection and safety classification of windows and doors
  • Survey on staff awareness of social engineering

Data Systems

  • External vulnerabilities in internal systems
  • The flow of information in networks and systems
  • User rights and access to sensitive information
  • Backup solution for databases and important material

Examples of what a risk and vulnerability analysis can discover

Physical environment

  • Poor security around entry and exit through the business premises.

  • Possibility of tailgating

  • Access to premises and sensitive information through insecure doors and more

Computer systems

  • Unsatisfied reliability and availability

  • Unprotected systems

  • Incorrect rights to internal material

  • Unsatisfied backup (backup)

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